Rudi Scheuermann

About Rudi

Rudi Scheuermann, is a renown German expert in Facade Engineering, whose overriding aim is a multidisciplinary design with a view to enhance sustainability of all kinds of buildings. During the PLGBC Symposium Rudi will intend to demonstrate that Sustainability is a Driver for Better Design.


Dense urban city environments consist of an agglomeration of bigger buildings. The resilience of cities as a whole depends amongst other components on the resilience of each single elements, the bigger buildings which together make a city a functional place.

Where the space for green infrastructure on the ground is not available with sufficient size or not at all, we need to find new areas to counterbalance growing negative effects like environmental noise, fine dust agglomeration and urban heat island effects. All these effects are counterproductive to natural ventilation schemes in buildings and need to be compensated by other, energy consuming systems for the operation of the larger projects. This amount of energy could be saved if we tackle the problem where it has its origin.

Michael Pawlyn

About Michael

Michael Pawlyn, a renown British architect, in exciting way will present solutions inspired by biomimicry and biophilia that can deliver substantial resource savings and wellbeing benefits.


In the search for genuinely sustainable building design and technology – designs that go beyond conventional sustainability to be truly restorative – it was found out that nature got there first. Over 3.5 billion years of natural history have evolved innumerable examples of forms, systems, and processes that we can now apply beneficially to modern green design. Michael will describe innovative solutions for high performance buildings and the circular economy.

Most people now accept the case for sustainability and many wonder how the debate will move forward over the next few decades. In this talk Michael Pawlyn will show three related ideas – biomimicry, biophilia and the circular economy – and how they lead the way to buildings that are more resource-efficient, deliver enhanced wellbeing and that move towards being zero waste. He will illustrate the talk with a number of projects that go beyond standard approaches to sustainability.

Case studies

  • The pioneering Biomimetic Office Building is predicted to be one of the lowest energy office buildings in the world when complete and will also deliver substantial improvements in wellbeing and productivity.

  • The Mobius Project is an example of a new building type that could emerge from adapting cities to the circular economy – bringing together cycles of food, energy, water and waste to create more value.

  • The final project he will describe will be The Sahara Forest Project which uses ideas of cyclical systems to increase productivity and deliver regenerative benefits.

Discussions and presentations


During a very exciting panel discussion, invited representatives of all present in Poland international multi-criteria certification systems: BREEAM, DGNB, HQE, LEED and Well Building Standard will be discussing the benefits of existing building certification. Don’t miss the only chance to ask your question to the original representatives of all certificates!

Other discussions

Buildings must change in order to meet present and future requirements and standards as well as user’s expectations. During our annual conference we will inspire with new strategies for sustainable renovation. Green refurbishment can provide energy and resource efficiency, improve health and well-being of building occupants, as well as will benefit the planet.


9:00-10:00     registration

10:00-11:45  NATURAL BASICS

Michael Pawlyn

Nature inspired solutions for health and productivity benefits in buildings

Michael Pawlyn2_bw

Michael, one of the biomimicry pioneers, will tell you:

        • How nature can give inspiration towards well-being and health

        • How resource and cost efficiency can benefit better well-being and comfort

        • What drives better design

He will also show truly innovative solutions!

Rudi Scheuermann

Sustainability is a driver for better design

Rudi Scheuermann

Rudi, renown German façade expert will help you find out:

        • How to save the energy wasted in effect of modernization

        • What are the main elements of sustainable façade engineering

        • How to deal with urban heat island effect

11:45-12:15   coffee break


Demolish or refurbish?

Discussion panel

Green refurbishment can provide energy and resource efficiency, improve health and well-being of building occupants, as well as will benefit the planet. So… to demolish or to refurbish? What is more sustainable and cost effective? Experts, together with guests will try to find a golden solution.

Lech Wojtas_bw

Moderator – PhD. eng. arch. Lech Wojtas, Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology

Maciej Kiepal, Area Sales Manager, Armstrong Building Products

Rafał Schurma, Founder and President of Polish Green Building Council, principal of visio | architects and consultants

Adam Targowski_bw

Adam Targowski, Sustainable Development Manager, Skanska Property Poland


Paweł Warda, National Director, Head of Project & Development Services, CEE, Jones Lang LaSalle

Marcin Wróblewski_bw

Marcin Wróblewski, Infrastructure Department, Warsaw City Hall

13:45-14:45  lunch

14:45-16:45  Existing building certification

BRE, HQE, DGNB, WELL, USGBC discussion – existing building refurbishment and interior fit-out

        • Sustainability in refurbishment projects’ delivery

        • How to overcome challenges in creation of sustainable indoor environment

        • How to minimize costs of existing building certification

The only chance in Poland to ask a question:

Moderator – Jarosław Witek, Associate, Sustainability Team Leader, Arup Polska

Anna Braune DGNB_bw

PhD. eng. Anna Braune, Research and Trends unit director, DGNB

Natasha Franck WELL

Natasha Franck, Senior Vice President, Delos (WELL Building Standard)

Jane Henley USGBC_bw

Jane Henley, Special Advisor, Global Market Development, USGBC (LEED)


David Leonard, BREEAM New Construction Manager, BRE (BREEAM)

Patrick Nossent HQE_bw

Patrick Nossent, Chairman, Cerway and Certivea (HQE)

Guests and panelists discussion

16:15                 PLGBC Green Building Awards – competition results

16:45                 Business Mixer

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program